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    Stéphane Carey

    First sorry for my english,

    I love your plugin, clean and professionnel.

    I have create a page for login because i don’t want to use popup form. So the page for login show the form with no trouble. But on the form, they is a link for registration. When we click this link, the registration form popup.

    Is it possible to have this ling redirect to a page where we can have the form , not to a popup ?


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    Zane M. Kolnik

    Hi Stéphane,

    Thanks for the complement!

    There isn’t a setting to change link, but you can do a few things:
    * Hide the “are you a member/already logged in”, this is done via the settings
    * If you are comfortable, you can add a JS snippet to one of your themes JavaScript files. The JS snippet would be:

    Login form
    jQuery('.not-a-member-handle').attr('href', '');

    Register form
    jQuery('.already-registered-handle').attr('href', '');

    P.S., I’ve added your account to the priority support form for the pro version.
    P.S.S., I’ve also added this as a feature request.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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