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    Dear Team,

    I have installed Ajaz Login & register last day.

    Please let me know I wanted to add couple of more field apart from -User Name, Email, Password & confirm password

    Please suggest how to.

    Also wher I can see registered guys throught that form

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    Zane M. Kolnik

    Hi Mayur,

    Thanks for asking on our forum.

    You definitly can, you’ll want to use the following hooks:

    Use this action to add your fields: zm_ajax_login_register_below_email_field
    Use this action to save the fields: zm_ajax_login_after_successfull_registration

    You can also view them on GitHub:



    For example, to display the field:

    function my_fields(){
        echo '<label>Age</label><input type="text" name="age" />';
    add_action('zm_ajax_login_register_below_email_field', 'my_fields');

    For example, to save the field:

    function save_my_field( $user_id ){
        // sanitize the value
        $age = intval( $_POST['age'] );
        $meta_id = update_user_meta( $user_id, '_user_age', $age );
    add_action('zm_ajax_login_after_successfull_registration', 'save_my_field');
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    Gustavo Gamboa

    Dear team,

    I´ve try to insert more fields like first name and last name in my register form but I have a lot of problems.

    Where must put these codes? I´ve tried to put in register.php without success.

    Could you help me?

    Sorry for my english ;P

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    Zane M. Kolnik

    Hi Gustavo,

    You can place the above code in your themes functions.php file. You’ll want to modify the above code slightly to include the fields you want to show and save with the user profile.

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    Gustavo Gamboa

    Thank for your reply Zane,

    If I put the code in my function.php I have another problem. The register form show me the fields of name and last name without “format” and when I put all the information in his field and I make a new register, in the details account the name and last name give me “0” how result.

    Could you help me again?


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    Zane M. Kolnik

    Can you post a link to your site? You might just need to add the correct css class and markup that corresponds with your theme.

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