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    Corné van Loon

    Just bought the plugin.
    So far I’m just using twenty-thirteen them (child, but nothing really changed yet) and buddypress. I want to use the modal.
    But, it doesn’t do a thing 🙁

    First of all, using nothing but default settings except ‘Security’ ‘Enable’ and ‘Force login’ it does show a modal, but when I want to login it hangs… no redirection, no nothing really except for a message login succeeded and it’s starting to do something…
    Maybe I should change any setting (even the license…), but whenever I do, the only thing shown is ‘no default’ where username etc should be visible. The only way to get the modal being shown up again is to ‘Restore ALL default values’.

    I’m not asking for a refund (yet), but this is one of my worst out-of-the-box experiences I’m having with any WordPress plugin (and I’ve used/bought dozens, if not hundreds…)
    Please come up with a solution soon…

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    Zane M. Kolnik

    Hi Corné,

    Disregard my other email regarding support. Oddly enough I think that your web host might have a lower version of PHP. The text that you reported as being displayed “no default” isn’t even in the Pro version, rather it is found in the free version.

    I’ve issued a refund.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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